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The Ashley Willwerth Memorial Scholarship Foundation

The Ashley Willwerth Memorial Scholarship Foundation

The Ashley Willwerth Memorial Scholarship FoundationThe Ashley Willwerth Memorial Scholarship Foundation


May an applicant reapply for another scholarship?

Any applicant who has received financial assistance may reapply for another scholarship after one calendar year has passed. At that time, they need to repeat the application process to be considered for a repeat scholarship. 

Where can I attend with a scholarship?

Nearly any educational bowed string instrument program in the United States is acceptable. You will need to include information about the program you're interested in with the application.

Why do we do this?

Ashley LOVED to play the violin. As a teenager, she still found time to play her instrument and study and help others even with all of her "teenager" events and distractions, BUT, even more important, we saw an incredible change in Ashley as she learned to play. Her grades improved and her ability to strive for and attain greater success and knowledge was inspirational.

Who is eligible?

We try to help any student or teacher of violin, viola, cello, or double bass with whatever they need to continue their studies and grow as musicians.

What is needed?

Applicants need to demonstrate their need by applying and submitting with their application two recommendations from people with a knowledge of their skills and their past study habits and progression as a musician.

When can I apply?

Applications are accepted throughout the year and should be submitted to allow enough time to contact if additional information is needed as well as time for the foundation directors to review and make their recommendation on your application. The directors are volunteers and live in different cities across the southeast. Compiling the application information and delivering it to the directors takes time. Be sure to allow as much time as possible for your application to be considered. The applications are evaluated on a rolling basis and are not considered until 100% of the application requirements are met. 

What can scholarships be used for?

Scholarships are available to attend workshops, music camps, or to obtain private lessons, instruments, or music supplies.

Can I apply more than once?

Applicants can only receive one scholarship in each 12-month period. 



Application Process

Only citizens of the United States may apply. Applications must be completed in full to be considered for scholarship assistance.  This includes:

  • Informational application
  • Two paragraphs stating the reason for the request of scholarship assistance
  • Two letters of reference from a teacher/authority figure/colleague
  • Brochure, website, or contact info that contains dates, pricing, etc. if request is for a workshop or camp

The above materials may be emailed directly to the Ashley Foundation board or mailed to the address found here. Once all items have been received, the applicant's file will be complete and reviewed by board members. 

Once the application has been reviewed by all board members and a decision for/against scholarship and the amount to be awarded, the applicant will be notified by mail. The applicant will be given a period of one month to accept/decline the decision. If the applicant has not responded within that time, their scholarship award will be made available to someone else. 

Upon acceptance of scholarship assistance, the foundation board will issue a check for the amount awarded. The check will be sent directly to the camp, workshop, or vendor with a letter stating the amount is to be applied to the applicant's account. The check will not be sent to the applicant.

All documents involving the application/award process will be placed in the applicant's individual file. Any further correspondence regarding the applicant will also be placed in their file.